Termini e condizioni Corsi di Inglese Malta

1 Courses

1.1 Courses start on Monday (Tuesday when Monday is a public holiday). You may miss the first two sessions on your first day because of the time needed to complete registration and administer your placement test.

1.2 No tuition is held on Malta’s public holidays (01 Jan, 10 Feb, 19 March, 31 March, 03 April, 01 May, 07 June, 29 June, 15 August, 08 Sept, 21 Sept, 08 December, 13 December and 25 December) and the school will be closed on those days. No refund, discounts or lessons will be offered as compensation for lessons lost on public holidays. The school is closed for 2 weeks over the Christmas period. The last school day is Friday 18 December 2015 and it reopens again on Monday 04 January 2016.

1.3 All lessons are of 45 minutes duration. Group classes are held either in the morning from 09:00 to 10:30 and from 11:00 to 12:30 or in the afternoon from 13:00 to 14:30 and from 15:00 to 16:30. Intensive English lessons are held in the morning and in the afternoon. Private lessons are held any time from 07:30 to 18.00 subject to availability. The maximum number of students in a classroom and the number of lessons and hours depends on the course chosen: Course Name Max Class Size Lessons Hours General English Group 20 12 20 15 General English Group 30 12 30 22.5 General English Intensive 12 / 1 20 group + 10 private 15 group + 7.5 private Private 10 / 20 1 10 / 20 7.5 / 15 Semi-Private 10 / 20 2 10 / 20 7.5 / 15 Business English Mini Group 20 6 20 15 Business English Mini Group 30 6 30 22.5 Exam Preparation Courses 12 / 1 20 group + 10 private 15 group + 7.5 private Teenager Courses / Teenager Closed Groups 15 Upon Request Upon Request 1.4 Linguatime does not guarantee a particular course or timetable until you have taken your placement test and your English level is assessed at the school. Every effort will be made to place you in the course of your choice. Linguatime reserves the right to change course programmes in the event of circumstances beyond the school’s control or if it is in the interest of the students or the school. The school also reserves the right to change teachers and classrooms at any time during the course. A minimum of three students is required to run a group course. In the event that not more than two students are enrolled for that particular course/level, the number of lessons will be reduced to 50%.

1.5 Students should bring pens, pencils and writing paper with them.

1.6 Prices of Examination Courses do not include examination fees and course books. These are charged separately.

1.7 The school reserves the right not to award a certificate of attendance to students who are absent for more than twenty percent of their lessons.

1.8 The minimum age for our students is 18 years. We cater for groups of teenagers (minimum 10 students in a group) throughout the year.

1.9 If you are enrolled on a long course you may take one break of a maximum of two weeks every 12 weeks without incurring any cancellation fees, provided you inform the school 3 weeks in advance. During your break period you will be charged the full weekly accommodation rate. You may leave your luggage and belongings in your room if you wish. Linguatime is not liable for any loss or damage to your luggage or belongings. You are not guaranteed the same class and/ or the same teacher and/ or the same accommodation after you return from your break. You may also experience some repetition of the course units in your class.

1.10 Purchase of a course book is compulsory for all group courses and a new book must be purchased should a student move up a level during his / her stay.


2 Activities

The school organises cultural and leisure activities. You are charged extra for these activities unless it is specifically stated that the price of any course or package is inclusive of such activities.


3 Accommodation

3.1 Accommodation is charged per person per week. Stays of 5/6 nights are charged at full week rates irrespective of the number of weeks booked.

3.2 On your arrival you can check-in your room after 14:00hrs. On your departure day you must vacate your room by 09:00hrs. If you require early check-in or late checkout you must inform the school in writing at least two weeks prior to your arrival. Should the room be available you will be charged extra for using the room. Students can make use of the common areas (not bedrooms) if arriving or departing before / after check-in and check-out times.

3.3 Host Family accommodation consists of shared room accommodation (max 4 in one room), breakfast and an evening meal (Half Board). A packed lunch (Full Board) and a single room can be booked at an extra cost.

3.4 Shared Apartment accommodation consists of shared rooms in self catering apartments (max 4 in one room) exclusive of meals. A single room can be booked at an extra cost.

3.5 Students are responsible for any damage they cause to their accommodation. When booking Shared Self Catering Apartment accommodation you must pay a refundable deposit of Euro 100 on your first day at school to cover possible damage to your accommodation. You may be liable to pay additional sums to cover the cost to repair any damages / replace broken items if the cost exceeds Euro 100.

3.6 The minimum age for Shared Apartment accommodation is 18 years.


4 Airport Transfer

4.1 Airport transfers are charged at an extra cost unless specifically stated that the package price is inclusive of such transfers.

4.2 If you book any accommodation with us you must also book the school’s airport arrival transfer service.

4.3 Your arrival flight details must be sent to the school in writing not later than 5 days prior to the arrival date. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the arrival transfer. If you miss your flight or change your arrival date you must inform the school in advance in order to cancel your arrival taxi transfer on time.


5 Dismissal from Course and Accommodation

The school reserves the right to dismiss any student from the course and accommodation for unjustified absence, misconduct or unacceptable behaviour. No refund will be given in these situations and any costs arising, including repatriation costs, will be at the student’s expense.


6 Visas

6.1 It is strongly recommended you do not finalise any travel arrangements before the visa confirmation is received from the Immigration Office. Linguatime cannot be held responsible for any costs arising as a result of visa refusals. All students requiring a visa are to settle the full fees upon booking confirmation. Should a visa be refused you must send us a copy of the refusal letter to obtain a refund of the fees you paid, subject to an administration fee of €50. Bank charges must be borne by the student. Students on a visa are obliged to attend classes daily.

6.2 Visa extensions are charged a € 15 fee per application.


7 Liability / Insurance

7.1 Students have to pay for any damage they cause on the school premises or at their accommodation.

7.2 It is strongly recommended that you take out a personal insurance cover including travel, cancellation, medical and repatriation cover. Linguatime is not liable in case of illness, accident, loss or damage to personal effects or property.


8 Payments, Cancellations and Refunds

8.1 To confirm a booking, a non-refundable deposit of 30% of the course and accommodation costs must be paid. Two weeks before arrival, the full balance of the course and accommodation costs must be settled. Access to accommodation will not be given unless all fees are settled in full.

8.2 If the booking is made less than two weeks before arrival date, the payment must be made in full.

8.3 Payment should be made by bank transfer or by credit card and bank charges must be borne by the student. All credit card payments must include an additional 3% charge to cover credit card fees.


8.4 Cancellations before arrival will incur the following cancellation fees:

8.5 No refunds are allowed for students withdrawing from / curtailing a course or cancelling / curtailing their accommodation/leisure activities/transport arrangements or who fail to attend classes. Absence due to illness or accident is not refundable. Any request for a course credit should be made in writing on the specific form provided by the School’s Administration.

8.6 A charge of €25 is payable whenever any alteration is made to the course or accommodation booked. All changes are subject to the School’s approval.

8.7 Any refunds are made to the person / organisation from whom the original payment was received. Refunds cannot be processed until the full payment for all services booked would have been received by the school.

8. 9 Any problems or complaints with courses, accommodation, activities or any other services should be brought to our attention immediately so that we can help. We cannot accept complaints after the end of your stay. Complaints should be formally made by filling in a Complaint Form available from the School’s Reception.


9 Force Majeure

Linguatime is not liable if the school fails to supply contracted services as a result of causes or events outside our control, such as, but not limited to, natural disasters, strikes & industrial disputes, unusually adverse weather conditions and the like.


10 Media (Photography & Filming)

From time to time Linguatime takes promotional photographs and/ or video footage of students. These may be used in Linguatime’s promotional material unless the student specifically objects in writing by not later than his/ her first day at the school. Students will not be compensated for their time involved in the taking of such photographs or video footage. Linguatime reserves the right to use all photographs and video footage for promotional purposes in any way that it deems appropriate and students assign to Linguatime any rights they may have over such materials. The copyright to all such photographs and video footage shall belong to Linguatime